How i discovered CR

Actually, I originally misliked Clash of Clans, and therefore also Clash Royale as it came out. In May/June 2016, I started playing Clash Royale due to all of my friends playing it too, and in February 2017, I restarted my CR account.

my battle deck

This battle deck was created by me and is based on good defense as well as a really strong offense based on the Balloon, which is often combined with Clone and Heal.

Name Current Level Elixir Cost
Clone  3 3
Wizard 6 5
Heal 6 3
Skeleton Army 3 3
Musketeer 6 4
Ballooon 5 5
Bowler 3 5
Barbarians 9 5
Average 5.1 4.1

My Stats Royale

As of: 17th July 2017

Player Name: Mr Pancake Guy

Player Tag:  #89YYYCL9P

Level: 9

Experience: 1099/10000

Clan Name: Flame of War

Clan Tag: #2Y28GCPR

Clan Role: Co-Leader

Cards Found: 63

Favorite Card: Bowler

Trophies: 2561

Personal Best: 2561

Chests Opened: 213

Wins: 354

Draws: 558

Losses: 307

Three Crowns: 198

Battles Played: 1219

Win Ratio: 1.15

Stats provided by Discord StatsBot.